Why Lolita’s Story?: A Changed Life

It shows that God can take our fantasies, take our brokenness, mend us, and start us on another way. Another life and new dreams can begin to bloom. Nothing is squandered. What we have encountered and learned will without a doubt help shape our fantasies, and those Newport Beach Counselor fantasies will most likely change however much we have. What is Lolita Robinson doing today? She states:

“I was upbeat and grateful to be out of heated water, and I realized that God was working in my life. So far in my repairing cycle, He had saved me put me with an otherworldly family, and given me an encouraging group of people… However I actually didn’t understand the amount He cherished me, for I actually didn’t adore myself.”

There were different what might be on the horizon – the possible birth of two additional children, Nikolas and Seth, and later a bombed marriage. Lolita was to discover that marriage “was never intended to fix enthusiastic brokenness.” Recovery was to proceed. Lolita started to acknowledge she had an individual relationship with the God who “had made me as an extraordinary person.” She needed with her entire existence to “move to greener fields,” however realized God needed to mend her first. “On the off chance that I needed an alternate life, I needed to confide in Him to lead me on the correct way out of the old spots into a new area. My work was to follow. I set out with reestablished assurance, and I never thought back or scrutinized my way again.” (How extraordinary!)

A new position offer as a secretary at an assembling plant was a quick assistance. Portions of Lolita she asserted had been dead for a very long time stirred. Next she looked for treatment that endured quite a long while. She started to rise up out of forswearing. She looked for a ladies’ care group and joined a gathering that Dr. Keith Douds held in Long Beach. The day she strolled into his office “was the start of a long cycle of unraveling the web I had lived in for such a long time.” Keith turned into her “specialist, companion, bear catcher, and lion tamer.”

Lolita asked God for absolution. She was a defaced vessel, yet God “had me on His potter’s wheel, and He was molding me for His wonder with His own special hands.”

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