HOJA Food TEC 2021

Since 1982 is HOJA Maschinenbau Metallbau GmbH your dependable and inventive accomplice for food innovation and unique designing.

Continous escalated innovative work have made HOJA to one of the overall driving producers of mechanical searing innovation.

Items like potato flapjacks, hotcakes, crêpes, pancake pans blini, meat balls, rissoles, cheeseburger, steak, chicken, vegetables, naan bread, pita breads and a lot more delectable items are made on our machines to the higest qualitiesguaranty with their completely computerized cast iron fricasseeing innovation at limits of 100-1000kg/h a taste sensation similarly as mother made.

Our extraordinary hardware and exceptional advancements are not just restricted to the food business, we are likewise serving the car business aswell as others with our quality made in Germany.

With the most recent assembling offices, 3D CAD/CAM programming, PLC incorporation with telemaintenance and steady Research and improvement we guarantee that our clients consistently approach front line technology.

Investing in a hotcake creator is an incredible move, and sure to drop the load from your shoulders if flapjacks routinely include on your family’s morning meal or early lunch menu. This convenient machine makes this work multiple times simpler. You should simply make the player and put your feet up. Not exclusively will you appreciate totally formed hotcakes, without fail, however there will be not really any cleaning up to do by the same token.

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