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Mankind is hungry for anything that blessings without lots fee and so the false gods and eternal state sold with a little sacrifice is stronger and extra appealing than fact. The trouble is that perception in things taught by way of men is fraught with hazard. That could be a large assertion were it not true. The global is in chaos because of the various deities and religious ideals that are forcing jealousy and wars to occur in several locations.

With memory of my reincarnation and expertise that one feels simplest whilst in a frame with dwelling nerves it’s miles given to me to give an explanation for the distinction. There is simplest one God, the Great Spirit of the Universe. It is a mighty energy that may be felt and which directs and controls all matters, including true and evil. This is showed in Isaiah forty five:4-eight

As the creator of evil one have to take a look at the travel haji plus big destruction underway at the moment and ask why? In a few countries houses are raised to the ground by means of fallin g bombs, human beings are torn aside physically, emotionally, and mentally and no one is safe. Disease and famine is ripping through other international locations where the hungry are ingesting weeds and grass to live alive. In other places floods, earthquakes, landslides, excellent fires and tornadoes are amongst some of the deadly occasions perpetrated with the aid of God.

Central to all is the often held perception that non-existent gods, which includes devils or demons, are to blame while others can be prayed to for healing the troubles. The contrast is not often puzzled.

With a sturdy link to the Spirit and commissions to find the solutions led me again to the start of the Islamic religion in Babylon. Here Ismal, the son of Abraham (O-b-ra-ma) went forth into the wilderness as an archer, that may be a hunter and killer (Genesis 21:20). I-s-ma-el interprets as ‘eye of mild-mother god’ and is the solar. In any other shape it’s miles ‘Islam’ and an ideology that unfold throughout the sector as his human beings, the Amors, ventured forth.

In Babylon they built the ziggurat, as a stairway to heaven (Genesis eleven:4-8) and at its top the solar-big name fashioned thru an aperture. It became titled ‘Ma-r-I’, which translates as ‘Mother’s effective eye’.

To apprehend how ancient symbols and sounds became language my research took me to the origin of language and religion to locate their which means. ‘Ma’ is mom in maximum languages, [r], [ra], and [a] (suggested as [ar]) all mean power. The symbol for ‘eye’ is [I] and later [y]. The letter [s] is ‘spirit’ or ‘light’. The symbol for circle is [o] whilst [b] is ‘born’ or ‘bearing’.

‘I-s-ma-el’ way ‘eye of mild-mom god’ and the solar-megastar became considered her symbol. The flag of Islam is the 5-pointed star cradled within the crescent moon. It is the identical famous person symbol that sits at the shoulders of generals global-extensive and looks on warfare machines and somewhere else. The number 5 capabilities prominently in the Islamic faith, there being 5 pillars to it and prayers are said 5 instances a day.

One of the five pillars is a obligatory Hajj or journey to Mecca wherein the Kaaba is a outstanding a part of the ritual. It is circled seven instances. Recent posted photographs within the structure display the sun and moon as its icons. The number 7 is every other form of the sun big name.

The seven points big name sits over the law in western societies. There are 7 days in per week and seven candles generally sit at the head of Christian altars during offerings. The regulation got here from the sun.

‘Obrama’ is the origin of ‘Abraham’ and it approach ‘circle bearing powerful mother’. These two names exhibit how solar-worship gave upward push to Islam. As the most effective entity within the ancient international it changed into regular to consider it the writer of all existence and the purpose for demise.

‘O-m-o-r’ is ‘circle of mother-circle of energy’ and in times past vowels had been risky and [o] and [a] had been often interchanged, mainly as speech was delicate. ‘Omor’ have become ‘Amor’ and the humans with the aid of that name are the ‘Amorites’.

They had been hunters and killers and they invaded, occupied and dominated all international locations around them as they unfold west. Their subsequent capital turned into Mari, located 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in modern Syria. Then they built Roma (reverse Amor) and became the Romans. One in their descendants became Constantine, emperor of Rome.

In Revelation 13:four-13 he’s declared the beast with the number 666. In the Assyrian alphabet of the Amors Constant II offers that overall. He changed into the son of Constantius who, in English, become Constant I and the emperor over Britain.

Constantine established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD and he used the pics and faith of Babylon as its layout. He created the so-known as Saviour, Jesus Christ, and pressured anybody to worship it or be killed. Hid edicts have survived that claim this. He had the strength to carry out miracles and this type of was to make the photograph talk, which takes place via the top of the religion.

What Constantine did turned into to create a department of Islam that became Christianity and it’s been taken to the world and forced upon many on the factor of demise. He constructed the Vatican as a parliament of bishops to help pressure his ideology.

The New Testament changed into compiled and partly written by way of Jerome at the end of the 4th CAD. It was accompanied by using massive distortion; cowl up, lies and cast documents that have now come to mild. They make up the conspiracy to cover the fact approximately the actual God and the religious individuals who on my own are a part of the everlasting rewards. It is foretold in Ezekiel 22:25,26

“There is a conspiracy of her prophets… Like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have got gobbled souls; they’ve taken the treasure and treasured things; they have got made her many widows inside the midst thereof… Her priests have violated my law… And I am profaned amongst them.”

This is the force of evil. Constantine’s faith claims that everyone belongs to God and is worth of eternal life. The Muslim department of Islam does likewise and both are wrong. While the fake gods and lies exist amongst them the quantity of widows will increase and so will the devastation. They are the source of the evil among us.